My Collection of Fine Automobiles

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My Current Fleet of Automobiles

Little Car, the 1980 BMW 320i (work currently suspended)
My 1980 320i is undergoing a full weber carb conversion, from the original fuel injection. Otherwise it is completely stock. Future mods include : Full 320is spec.

Wenig Rot, the 1991 BMW 318is
This is my summer driven baby. Look for dedicated project details for wenig soon. Mods include, BMP Club Sport suspension kit, various rust fixes, paint fixes, etc, etc...

Little Blue, the 1986 Honda Civic
My 1986 Civic was originally a Florida-born 1.3 liter, which I swapped for a 1.5 liter. Mods include foglights, uniden cb / antenna, 802.11B antenna, RS Pro-95 Scanner, Bearcat Scanner, JVC Chameleon, and a growing collection of rust.

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